My motto: Ass up, Tits out!

Anastacia Craddock is a 4x Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor. She is a child of God, wife of an amazing husband, and mother to three beautiful little people. She competes and coaches bikini and men’s physique in posing not only because it is her passion but because it is her God given drive.

No matter the judges critiques, one thing has ALWAYS been consistent in her feedback... "Your presentation was great!" "We loved your stage presence!" It's her favorite thing about this sport and she wants YOU to love it too!

From the coach herself....

I believe posing is the most important aspect of competition day and preparing for it should be taken just as seriously as your diet and training. Majority of your competitors have incredible physiques but not all competitors know how to showcase it properly. That’s why having a posing coach whose sole job is to make sure all the hard work you’ve put into your body gets presented well.

And yes my motto is "Ass up, Tits out!" for my female athletes because rule number one with me is keep those glutes high and chest towards the sky!

My greatest honor was being brought on as a Team Boss Bodies posing coach. My literal dream job! So if you’re a boss babe like me or part of Boss Bodies men, let’s get you posing LIKE A BOSS!

Don't know or understand how? Contact me or your coach today and we will get you on schedule ASAP!